Automatic prices

It's over!

There was a vigil over price lists and manual price changes and a minimum stay. Automatic price control has arrived! From now on, MyRent automatically adjusts your rates and minimum stay time to fill in the blank days on your calendar.

Make holes in your calendar,
don't let bookings leak!


Euro more, a cent less!

Fill in your accommodation units and fill in the holes in your calendar. MyRent Automatic Price Control gives you the ability to smartly manage prices. After initial establishment, the system operates completely autonomously (set and forget). Raising, lowering sales prices by a percentage or a certain amount of system works for you.


Time is money, not time lost you lose money. That's why we recognize the need for a full calendar, and we strive to help you fill every second of your precious calendar with reservations.


By applying automatic price control, the MyRent system recognizes a hole in the calendar. As the day off to fill the system approaches, the price starts to decrease by the amount you previously set (eg -10%), for the periods you set (eg 1 day or 1 hour).


As the day approaches the end of the reservation period, the system opens a last minute booking opportunity and adjusts the price of the accommodation unit.


Minimum stay. Why? How?


The system automatically recognizes days left vacant, if the group of days is less than the minimum residence time scheduled for that term, the system will automatically change the minimum stay time on those days to fit the hole in your calendar.


The only manual change you have left now is to shift gears behind the wheel of your tin!
But it's a pleasure ...

For all questions feel free to contact our experienced customer support who will be happy to help you.


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