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Finding the right one channel managers it's not an easy task for your business considering the huge number of products you can find in the current market. Understandably, there are so many channel managers and PMS system which you can find because anyone managing more than two accommodations across two or more channels will eventually feel the need to help with the day-to-day tasks that this type of business requires.

The right channel manager is definitely becoming a key resource for renters who want to stay relevant and compete in today's market.

For those not too familiar with channel manager and PMS systems, here's a quick explanation. Channel Manager is software to effectively manage sales across many Internet distribution channels. This task is especially challenging for larger hotels and multi-room properties with hundreds of rooms. The tool eliminates the need to manually change availability and stock prices across all portals - updates are made instantly and automatically everywhere. This is the most important feature of any channel manager, but there are so many other things worth considering when trying to find the right one for your business.

Some of the most important criteria are as follows:

Available OTA's
Type of tool
What about when it goes dark
Import, export
How much music

Channel Manager users are better ranked on booking portals like, Airbnb, Expedia, Homeaway,…

ribbon-channel manager


You definitely want a Channel Manager that has a lot of OTAs available to connect, and it is especially important that it has a major one (, Airbnb, Expedia, Homeaway, ..)


Implementing Channel Manager can be a difficult task if you are left to yourself. So try to find one that has a support team who is always available and ready to help.


If you are an expert, you will certainly look for a more sophisticated tool that can help you stay ahead of the competition. There are many Channel Managers who are the perfect tool for small private owners who have the basic functionality and that's fine, but everyone in the business needs professionals with Channel Managers with more advanced features.


Channel Manager functionality is first and foremost about calendar synchronization and busy. Without this part, no tool can be considered Channel Manager.

This is not what we mean iCal links, but every Channel Manager must have official links to the largest booking portals such as:, Airbnb, Expedia, HomeAway.

In addition to calendar changes and availability, the basic function of the tool should also be the ability to change prices, with the ability to manage price differences from portal to portal.

This means if you want to earn € 100 for a given day, Channel Manager must be able to send a different price to each portal depending on their percentage and business model


A very large amount of functionalist, we can consider under the advanced features of Channel Manager. Some Channel Managers have the ability to modify pictures and descriptions, some have the ability to create multiple price lists (especially popular for hotel systems).

Then, from the advanced features we can extract automatic pricing, automatic generating email responses to guests, invoicing, advance payment, synchronization with your website.

So when choosing Channel Manager for yourself, be sure to pay attention to what Channel Manager has to offer and what you really need in your business. Keep in mind that as much as Channel Manager-and you are looking for, you will have to pay more attention to everything to work properly. In addition, you will need to adjust your system and data at least once a year.

However, all these features help you to be significantly more efficient and professional, and to work with minimal mistakes during the season.


It is very important that the software you choose is linked to major payment gateways for managing credit / debit card information.

Some of the popular payment gatways are: Braintree, stripe, WSpay



Price is always an important criterion. Some Channel Managers have a fairly flexible design model price so keep that in mind when looking for the right channel manager.

However, two basic Channel Manaager billing models have emerged in the market:

  1. Percentage of reservations received (Maximum percentage: approx. 3%)
  2. Fixed monthly amount per number of apartments (Maximum price about 10 € / mo for 1 apartment)

Above these prices, you should pay no more, and you can count on these prices when calculating the profitability of your Channel Manager.

Of course, the model is your choice because it depends on your capabilities and business model. Make sure you ask your Channel Manager for both options, and then decide which model you want to work with.


Recently, more and more, today's guests are looking for flexible check in. Slowly but surely, smart locks they are slowly getting into daily use.

Channel Manager's ability to generate an automatic booking PIN and send it to a guest on its own is something that significantly elevates you above the rest. Such systems are, in principle, extremely cost-effective, since they generate more arrivals, more overnights in the first season and thus increase your income.

When choosing a Channel manager, be sure to pay attention to whether or not there is integration with smart locks. How many such installations do they have? Check with existing customers that everything is OK and that they really have a quality and reliable system.

myrent-smart-lock-sun bosidion

Let's check out some of the best Channel Managers and PMS currently available and what are their core features.

Definitely one of the best and greatest Channel Manager that has a lot of functionality. It is most often adapted to large hotels and hotel chains.
Has links with over 500 booking portal,  and the interesting thing is that they receive over 200 bookings a minute each day. Over 105 million bookings are processed annually.
Truly respectable !!

PMS connectivity | Google Analytics integration

Supports multiple currencies | Inventory management

Two - way integrations Unlimited channels

Multilingualism Centralized management of users and roles

Bulk Update | Self-mapping channel

Price lists derived Yield rules


Channel Analytics |  CRM system

PMS connectivity |  Built-in accounting

Reservation management  Payment processing

Rentals United
Rentals United

Availability by type of price  Automatic channel update

Booking engine |  PMS interface

Increase / decrease rate per channel  Prices by type of course

Prices by room type  Sales / availability overview

Booking information is available for any channel


PMS connectivity |  Analytical Dashboard

Multiple Currency Support  Inventory management

Real - time two - way integrations  Multilingual


Official API Links |  Multilingualism Owners portal

Increase / decrease rate per channel  PMS interface

Booking engine | Booking information is available for any channel

Analytical Dashboard  Advanced Billing System

Payment processing  Mobile app  | Guest portal

Whatever Channel Manager you choose, your life will be greatly facilitated.

Below we have listed the biggest changes you can expect in your business by choosing any of these Channel Managers.

One sign up for all OTAs and other channels, which saves a lot of time.

Inventory and pricing information is always updated with one click on all platforms, and excessive posting is eliminated.

Guest personal information is automatically added to PMS.

Much less likely to make human mistakes thanks to automation.

Anyway, good luck finding the best Channel Manager. We hope this helps you.


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