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Free channel manager until first booking



Given the current situation of the eye COVID 19 and the uncertainty that the virus carries into the tourism sector, we are certainly all wondering the same: What will be the season?


Unfortunately, neither we, nor people much more skilled than us, have the answer to this question. All we know is that our dear tourists will to return to Croatia sooner or later, our cities and beaches will once again be opened to curious people from all over the world.



MyRent Channel Manager & PMS, as a product is completely made in Croatia. We at MyRent understand best the needs of all people who rent accommodation (because we are renters ourselves) and that is why we are offering you our product for free right now. Until you get your first booking because we think it will be a sign of tourists returning to Beautiful ours.

Check out why MyRent is a Channel Manager #1 first choice the owner of the apartment



Whether you already use one Channel Manager or not, you have nothing to lose if you try MyRent, and we are sure you will gain a lot.

With the official API links to everything essential to foreign agencies (Airbnb,, expedite, HomeAway), we also offer you many other things that will make your work and life easier when things return to normal.

myrent-mail icon
myent-PMS icon

Contact us and we will present you MyRent and all its benefits and we will provide you with free training and we will associate all your facilities with existing ads, all for free until the first booking.




Otherwise, MyRent to you guarantees the best price and market conditions and then why pay more?

It's worth a try, isn't it?

Together in a crisis, together in the face of new times!

Let's talk! How can we help you?

Contact us


No matter what product or service you choose with us, we guarantee you the best price

Think you found a better deal with another vendor? And that's where we took care of you. Whatever the offer, we promise that we will charge you the same package with us for the same price, and you will continue to receive all the benefits that other MyRent clients receive. Of course, this offer does not include any cost packages 0.00 / $0.00 / 0.00% / 0.00kn, (coffee, brandy).

For all other offers, such as channel manager, web site design, property management, program for a travel agency, program for hotels we guarantee the best price and twist.

We at MyRent feel we have the most complete  and the best system that we have completely built ourselves and are independent of anyone and we are able to offer you the best conditions on the market.

Why Pay More? Why settle for worse? No need. Give us a quote from another vendor and we give you the same terms.

MyRent - Smart and professional tourism solutions




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How to Manage a Crown Virus Age Facility (COVID-19)



Nowadays, when we have a virus risk, these solutions can help you avoid all unnecessary contact with your guests. This is certainly another plus for the MyRent smart locks as well as the MyRent self check-in system.

Do you live in Zagreb and have a house by the sea? Do you have an apartment in the center that you rent and you live outside the center? Have a house or apartment on one of our beautiful islands? Want to reduce guest contact for a variety of reasons? If yes, then you may be interested in these handy accommodation management tips.



Automatic check in / check out involves some kind of smart lock or safe that allows guests to enter the property themselves. MyRent offers several kind of smart locks that make your business extremely easy. Using a solution like this, you do not have to be present at check in, which is great when guests arrive late or late so this solution is great for anyone who does not live at the very address of the rental property. It is also useful if you do not want to be at risk if your guests come from countries that are affected by the virus.


myrent-lock wifi



As with any accommodation unit, it is a must be active in as many ways as possible to get the best sales possible.

One way is to have your own website where with SEO data you can make you more visible in the market to potential guests.
This can be accomplished in 2 ways, take a template or booking engine and embed it in your page or make your page on some of the popular tools like this WordPress.

Another way is to advertise on  booking portals such as:, Airbnb, HomeAway, expedite, HomeToGo etc ...
You need a system to do this Channel Manager which connects all of these portals and that synchronizes calendars, rates and bookings



Similar to smart locks, there are many solutions that allow owners not to be present at the property and can control things like climate, heating, light, etc. So your guests can be greeted by a warm and illuminated facility. There are even applications that allow you to measure the amount of noise in an object. If the amount of noise exceeds a certain limit, you are notified and then you can respond in time to have no problems with your neighbors.

Whether you want to control your guests or just give them a warm welcome, these tools are a great solution.



Since you do not live at the address of the accommodation, it is essential to know people who can help you in various situations. By this we mean electricians, plumbers and other various "masters". There will certainly be a situation sooner or later when you will need their services. So it's good to be prepared in advance and respond as quickly as possible when something unexpected happens.

Make a list of all the important people and save them to your cell phone under a group of contacts apartments or similar. Also, it is very wise to have such a list somewhere in the apartment, so that someone (usually a neighbor) can reach these contacts if you are prevented.

Lastly, trust your neighbors and leave them the key to any emergency.


Chinese don't say for no reason:
"A good neighbor is an invaluable treasure."
An old Chinese proverb



Since you do not live nearby, it is essential that you have a security system in place if you own valuable items at your facility. The most common solutions to this are security cameras, motion sensors, alarms and the like. Many such systems can be connected to your cell phone. If the alarm goes off, you get a notification on your mobile.

Do not forget to mention to your guests if you are using one of these security models, because of course privacy is important when vacationing in an accommodation.

MyRent often comes up with one fairly simple and convenient solution when installing its smart locks, which are fake security cameras. False security cameras are a great solution because they are very cheap, you can easily install them yourself, and your apartment looks much safer.


PLEASE CONTACT THE GUESTS A couple of days before

Since you will not be present at the check-in itself, it is definitely advisable to take some steps to make your guests feel welcome.

Some of the ideas are:

  • Please let the guest know that you have successfully received your reservation
  • Leave brochures on hiking trails, beaches, bike trails and the like to your guests
  • Recommendations for restaurants, cafes, museums, galleries, night clubs.
  • Public transport information.
  • Check in a couple of days before arrival and in the email send the above information or simply send them a link from your web site where the guest can visually see where he is coming and what is around him

Sending such emails is not difficult. Systems like MyRent, which have email templates, greatly simplify all communication with guests.
Simply set up the system and let myRent do all the work for you.

Believe us, your guests will be grateful great review!

myrent-email-templates guests



Why not make extra money? Why not offer guests a trip (PLITVICE LAKES) or a transfer (eg to your apartment). It's all at our fingertips, we just need to be a little creative.

That's why inside the MyRent, there's a module called guest portal. With it, you can offer your guests an extra charge with the online payment gateway.

Not only that, the guest portal provides guests with accurate information on where to come, your contacts, online map, weather forecast.

Perhaps most importantly, the guest portal also provides guest logins to eVzitior.

Today, it is extremely important for guests to feel safe and if guests can sign up for eVizior on their own without having direct contact (to give you a passport or ID), all the better for the guests as well as for you.

Make extra money, but also provide extra protection for guests in the Coron Virus era (COVID-19)

Let us know if you want to know more about protection from CORON VIRUS




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General news

myRent & Rovinj Advisor | Promo Hotel 2020

myRent & Rovinj Advisor | Promo Hotel 2020

myRent - Free education for apartment owners and travel agencies

Find out how you can increase your bookings, how to choose a good website and what features it should have, and much more that will certainly affect your business. Therefore, we invite you to join us for a free myrent channel manager promo hotel training for apartment owners and travel agencies in Poreč, 02/14/2020 at the Promo Hotel tourist fair that will be held in the Žatika sports hall.

We will talk about a variety of topics, ranging from successful businesses, to modern technologies in tourism that will be of benefit to lenders, travel agencies, hotels and all other participants in the presentation.

MyRent channel manager promo hotel lecture program:

16: 00-16: 30pm. How to successfully work with a travel agency
- Presentation of the tourist agency Rovinj Advisor
Lecturer Vedran Ilakovac

16: 30-17: 00th More nights with smart locks
Lecturer Neven Palčec

17: 00-18: 00th Connecting apartments to leading online portals like, Airbnb, Expedie and HomeAway
Lecturer Neven Palčec

18: 00-19: 00th Creating discounts and advanced options on Booking-com
Lecturer Neven Palcec and Vedran Ilakovac (Rovinj Advisor)

Come, listen to us and find out how you can contribute to yourself and the whole Croatian tourism!

For more information, visit

or Facebook page

Come and get acquainted with the latest technologies in tourism and get together with your colleagues and friends.




Do you have any questions related to PROMO 2020?




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DOBS 2019 Family Accommodation Days REPORT

DOBS 2019 Family Accommodation Days REPORT


Thank you to everyone who came to Family Accommodation Day in Dubrovnik and listened to our lectures.


Those who joined us at the full-day workshops could learn more about topics such as:

  • What is and on what principle myRent works
  • Advanced Booking Secrets
  • The benefits of
  • What is self-check in, what is it for, and how smart locks can help you with that endeavor
  • How to run a business Facebook page for your agency or accommodation unit
  • And how to advertise them on Google


To remind you of what you have learned (or to learn something new), we have prepared all the presentations from our classes for you.


  1. Neven Palcec, myRent: How To Make Money With A Website
  2. Darijo Saric, VipHolidayBooker: The secrets of advertising luxury accommodation
  3. Neven Palcec, myRent: Channel manager - one calendar for everyone
  4. Neven Palcec, myRent:'s advanced secrets
  5. Robert Stepancic, PBZ: Banking view of tourism
  6. Mario Kovacevic, myRent: Smart locks
  7. Olivia Slade-Silovic, Lucija Vita Hanzic, ELVT Digital Hub: Facebook and Tourism: The Application of Facebook in Tourism
  8. Filip Shinko Morandini, ELVT Digital Hub: Google Advertising Opportunities: How to reach your target audience on Google products?


Thank you again for participating in our workshops and we invite you to join us in the same place next year!


Check out our photo gallery below and how we were at DOBS 2019 Family Accommodation Day.


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Family Accommodation Day (DOBS 2019)

Hotel Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik, 21/11/2019

Apply for DOBS 2019 via this link!


DOBS 2019 it will bring together owners of holiday accommodation providers and all those involved in tourism in one place.

As part of the DOBS, we will present the latest technology available to all apartment and holiday home owners.

We have also prepared guests for you from the world of tourism who will teach you how to run your apartments successfully and efficiently.

Plus, you will be introduced to the latest smart lock technology, online checkout, Channel manager technology (calendar synchronization), and at the end of the day, the luckiest of you will win valuable prizes.

Read below to find out what topics await you.

How To Make Money With Your Website


Nowadays, websites are not just for you to have.

Besides serving as a presentation of our accommodation units, apartments, houses and villas, you can earn money with them.

Our topic will be how to make money with a website.

In addition, we will present tools that support and support such sites, and will bring you closer to the online billing process for accommodation services.


Self Check IN (smart locks)


Each generation of guests brings with them certain innovations.

For example, most of today's guests book their accommodation through a variety of online booking platforms.

New generations of guests, apart from online booking, expect and look for those apartments that have smart locks and allow them flexible entry into the apartment.

They don't want to worry about the exact time of their stay - they want to have the freedom to come and go.

Such guests are looking for apartments with smart locks and in most cases are willing to pay a little more.

In our presentation, we will show you real-life examples of how to use the smart lock system, in which all the ways they can make your guests stay easier, as well as the entire rental process.


Accounts and how to calculate taxes


VAT has always been a painful point in tourism.

Based on the RRIF workshop on the subject, we have prepared a short presentation on this how to properly do tax calculation and what needs to be addressed.

We will also show you how to bill, te what notes the account must contain to be in full compliance with current law.

Channel manager - one calendar for everyone


The pursuit of tourism is becoming increasingly difficult today without Channel Manager technology, a myRent is one of the leading Croatian solutions in this technology.

In 3 years, myRent has successfully connected over 150 booking portals, and we currently provide calendar synchronization for over 10,000 apartments.

On what principle does myRent work, linking apartments, defining prices, blocking days, but also other options such as websites, online billing, invoicing will be the main topics of our presentation.

Learn why tourism professionals work with myRent technology, and why myRent is one of the leading Channel Managers in Croatia.


Google Workshop


In this workshop, we will explain how to advertise your accommodations through Google. Using a real-life example, we'll explain how text and banner ads work, and we'll explain video ads as well.

With ads, we'll teach you how and how to properly target your audience.

We will finish the workshop with best practices from focusing on the tourism sector and how to successfully track Google campaigns.


Facebook Workshop


In the Facebook workshop, we will explain the difference between running a profile and advertising on Facebook.

We'll introduce best publishing practices and tips & tricks such as posting time, length of posts, with an emphasis on visual content.

Part of our workshop is dedicated to running tourist Facebook pages (what and how).

We'll also show you paid advertising opportunities on Facebook (audiences, ad types, metrics, and goals).


In addition to the knowledge we will convey, you can also win valuable prizes!


Visitors to the Design District and myRent booth will need to complete a creative rewards task to win one of three valuable rewards.

The prize competition will consist of an engagement on the myRent Facebook page: in order to win the prize, visitors will have to take a photo showing them attending the fair and having visited myRent booth and workshop.

3 most creative photos they will receive awards and their ranking will be determined by myRent's expert jury.

* Accommodation award can be transferred to another person.



First prize

  • Spinner myRent
  • MyRent license for 3 units (1 year)
  • Application for subscribing to eVizitor (1st year)
  • Web page
  • Accommodation for Advent in the center of Zagreb with sauna and private parking included. Days: 24.12 to 26.12



Second prize

  • Spinner myRent
  • MyRent license for 2 units (1 year)
  • Application for subscribing to eVizitor (1st year)
  • Web page



Third prize

  • Spinner myRent
  • MyRent license for 1 unit (1 year)
  • Application for subscribing to eVizitor (1st year)


Apply for DOBS 2019!


DOBS 2019 will be held on 21.11.2019. at the Valamar Lacroma Hotel in Dubrovnik. Applications are accepted until 11/20/2019. or until capacity is full, so hurry to secure your spot.

Interested in making money with your new website? Do you want to allow your guests flexible entry and exit from the apartment with smart (self check in) locks? In addition, taxes should not be a waste, and you can manage your accommodations much more efficiently with a channel manager like myRent! You will learn how to reach your potential guests in today's digital age at Google and Facebook workshops.


Apply for DOBS 2019 via this link!

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General news

Expand your business with MyRent Channel & Property Manager

Expand your business


We introduce our top 5 tips & tricks on how to increase your bookings and generate more profit! It's too late to stop reading now, you're too curious. You will finish what you were doing later.

Channel Manager

myrent channel manager

We know it's hard to manage all those different platforms at the same time and that's one of the bigger problems for most travel agencies. That's why you NEED to use channel manager.

It doesn't matter if you're cooking, driving to work or shopping, the channel manager will synchronize all those OTA's like, Airbnb etc. without you even knowing!

Simple Price Change

This makes us proud (unlike our nephew Ronald). The pain of updating your object prices on all those platforms… we know. Why not grab a fresh coffee or hang out with your friends and family?

We created simple pricing and now you're able to change prices for all your items with just 1 click! Forget about opening 10 different tabs once you start using this option! Waybe you'll have time to grab that coffee?

Email timers and how they work?

Your next notification will be sent in:

Type or beer? We choose beer! With our technology we bring email timers to a completely different level! You will never have to send an email again! All you need to do is set a "trigger" that will then command our software to send an e-mail.

Choose when, how and to whom the mail is going and shwosh, you have already answered all the inquiries your guests are sending!

Website, why do I need one?

The main goal you want to achieve with your website is…. you guessed it right! Making more money! Ultimately, you want all guests from Booking, Airbnb and other OTAs to book accommodations directly through your website. And why is that? Because you will avoid their commission fee and save at least 13% more. This is why we also specialize in website design for renters, agencies, hotels and camps. We create the most beautiful websites with online payment option for your guests.

It's so simple, they visit your website, choose their accommodation and dates (check in / check out), click on the "Book Now" button and once they make a payment, the money is automatically transferred to your bank account. Does it get better than this? Yes, without requiring some custom design from us, websites we make for private property owners are cheap! And how cheap? Well, you will need to contact us so we could make an offer for you. Don't worry, it only takes a few minutes!

OTA's - we can't live with them, but we can't live without them

myrent channel manager booking
myrent channel manager expedia
myrent channel manager tailors

There are some OTA's worth mentioning here (we promise, they didn't pay to promote them in this email… unfortunately). When it comes to commission fees, we'd say "same thing - different packaging". Percentages they take are almost the same, only the question remains, who will pay more? Guest, agency, or our nephew Ronald we mentioned before… someone is always deeper down the rabbit hole, but we simply have to list our properties on their platforms to increase the number of bookings., Airbnb, Homeaway and Expedia are OTAs that generated the most bookings according to our statistics. So, although you could list your properties somewhere else, there is really no need to do it, we will be those 4 will be busy calendar for the whole year. And our software is here to manage all those calendars, guests and bookings for you.

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Dominium Accomodation & Tours is our new partner!

All our loved ones, hear and hear!

We have recently added a travel agency to our partner clients Dominium Travel, which operates exclusively in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

For those less versed, Dominium Travel is a renowned travel agency under the Buddha leadership of the more famous Slavica Grkes, winner of the 2017 Manager's Award of the Year and one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in Croatia today.


The implementation of the whole package took a little over a month, at which time we were able to integrate our existing system into their existing system. Channel Manager and Property Management System, as well as a special upgrade for the proprietary portal. Owners now have access to real-time bookings, even through their smartphones, and can close appointments themselves. Not only does this guarantee data accuracy and save time, it also facilitates communication between owners and guests or the owner and the Dominium.

Owners now have much more information about their guests, and are able to communicate with them through the MyRent platform, and see any additional guest requests wherever they may be.

We welcome all of them to MyRent, and look forward to what seems to be an extremely successful and long-lasting collaboration.


For all interested owners from the area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, MyRent is proud to recommend Dominium Travel as a high quality and friendly partner in the business, since the team is made up of excellent professionals, which is the main reason why we believe that working with Dominium is one of the best business steps for MyRent right now, which is no wonder with such a CEO at a forehead like Slavica Grkes!

For any contacts and additional questions, please refer ovdije.

Let's talk! How can we help you?

Contact us



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Get more bookings in 3 easy steps!

Airbnb recently released an article describing how customers can make their ads more interesting and compelling to potential customers. But the tips they provided in this article are not only applicable to Airbnb. In fact, on whatever listing and booking page you are advertising, these tips will make your ad more special to anyone who looks at it, and therefore increase the chance for a guest to choose your accommodation. And as much as these proposals are self-explanatory and perhaps even simplistic, they are indeed worth gold.


The instant your ad opens on the screen of a potential guest, you will clearly see how much effort is put into the visual presentation of the space itself. So, there is a clear difference between those who cleaned their space and hired a professional photographer, and those who decided to rent a place and at the same time photographed the mess with their cell phones and just "threw" it into online advertising.

Customers want it instantly when they watch ads experience place - show them life through your household!



A description that is clear and true will not only result in first guests very quickly, but will also, in the form of good site ratings, also result in permanent guests and / or referrals to other guests. You know full well what your space is and what it doesn't. Instead of devoting yourself to creating a fairy tale, you should clearly emphasize all the good and strong sides of your space so that guests know what they are getting.

Like all people, your guests at real life prices reality, not fiction - give it to them!


Users of various booking portals, especially young people, are not users who want hotel treatment. They are not only interested in where they will be located, but also who will host them. Show yourself and your hospitality in the best light, and everyone who walks past your ad will not forget you so soon, and after you finally prove it to the guests who visit you, you will not only remain in your memory, but will also be reiterated. visitors just move in, with them new guests.

Most tourists today are looking for accommodation in household - be host from dreams!


If your potential customers get the impression through your ads that they already know you, there will be no need for anything else, and you will be greeted as old acquaintances when they step over the threshold.

As you can see, our old saying is right: "It's not all in the hats!"


Source: Tips to Stand Out (Airbnb)

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Why rent legally through Airbnb?

Since AirB & B, one of the most popular short-term rental channels today, arrived in Croatia several years ago, there has been a stir. In just a few months, the number of legally registered renters in Zagreb has jumped from less than 200 to over 1200, while today, according to a report by the Central Bureau of Statistics, we have over 65,000 short-term rentals, which today offers real competition to hotel accommodation. This is also the reason why many would like to get into this business. However, with all the possible articles you will find dealing with tips on how to succeed, many of them do not mention the most important thing - a legal obligation.

With the advent of AirB & B service, a new way has come to enter the "gray zone" of rent, which is of course illegal. Renters who rent this way can afford significantly lower prices than their competitors, since they do not have to give almost anything to the state for expenditures. So when it's so easy to come up with pure money, then why are we telling you it's bad? We have decided to single out 3 rather compelling reasons.



First of all, the fact that illegally should have been sufficient reason to avoid it. And as we all want your guests to come back repeatedly, a clean bill seems like the best way to make a long lasting love with your guests. Not to mention that you cannot start any retirement savings or withdraw money from funds intended for renters, and the fact that no one in their right mind will come to you without applying if you are looking for a worker.

However, it is a wonderful thing to be able to calm your conscience by letting guests in and not worrying about anything else, except that you may have a cocktail bar farther from the beach than you thought.


As is usually the case, anything that is illegal is punishable by law. For the sake of information, not to go uninformed to us, the penalties in this sector of work are simply colossal, in the following ways:

50,000 kn is the LOWEST amount of a fine if you are caught offering accommodation for rent to tourists and you are not registered as a craft / business;

7,000 kn will be paid "per head" by an unregistered guest, while your guests will also be forced to pay a fine of € 400.




The internet is already full of articles, both foreign and domestic, that carry the same powerful message: avoid cheap!

By no fault of its own, AirB & B has made illegal renting accommodation all over the world much easier. But experienced users have learned to avoid the cheapest accommodation, and often when they go to a new country or city, do a good job of exploring how prices are moving. For their own safety, they would rather pay immediately € 100 per night more and sleep peacefully than risk the penalty. Through legal business, you make it easier and more secure for yourself and others. Yet we all live off tourism!

Ultimately, most of the older guests are used to checking in at tourist offices themselves, so by the time they arrive at your accommodation you are already practically annoyed, so why not just avoid it all?

Believe it or not, MyRent operates completely legally, (we know, we know, and we're surprised!), And our support team is always available. We will help you the best we can, or direct you to the best people for those things we cannot directly help you with.

And how to make your AirB & B listings more compelling, read here:

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MyRent Recognition in Media

Dear all, thanks to your trust, several important business media in Croatia have recognized MyRent's success as a company. Chief among them, and quite possibly the most important one, is “Business Diary,” who has reported a sudden increase in our business, which includes, among other things, more than three thousand new rental units managed through MyRent. The number may sound unbelievable, but what's even less believable is the fact that we have concluded last year's business with a complete total of four thousand units, which means that since the start of the year, MyRent's family has almost doubled its numbers in comparison to its total numbers since the company's inception!

business-log-myrent have also written about MyRent as part of their research into the quality and availability of Croatian Channel Management services, showing that MyRent has shown a significant advantage in comparing competition in the domestic market. This conclusion is quite obvious once the above mentioned company growth is factored in. Another way of looking at it is that this significant advantage may be the very reason for the above-mentioned company growth.

Whatever the reason, were it not for all of you, dear and loyal members of our MyRent family, we wouldn't be anywhere. That's why the MyRent team would like to take this chance and thank you very much for your continued trust!

Let's show everyone what we can do even better, and kick this summer season out of the ball park!


You can find the aforementioned articles at the following links, but the articles are in English:

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