Dominium Accomodation & Tours is our new partner!

All our loved ones, hear and hear!

We have recently added a travel agency to our partner clients Dominium Travel, which operates exclusively in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

For those less versed, Dominium Travel is a renowned travel agency under the Buddha leadership of the more famous Slavica Grkes, winner of the 2017 Manager's Award of the Year and one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in Croatia today.


The implementation of the whole package took a little over a month, at which time we were able to integrate our existing system into their existing system. Channel Manager and Property Management System, as well as a special upgrade for the proprietary portal. Owners now have access to real-time bookings, even through their smartphones, and can close appointments themselves. Not only does this guarantee data accuracy and save time, it also facilitates communication between owners and guests or the owner and the Dominium.

Owners now have much more information about their guests, and are able to communicate with them through the MyRent platform, and see any additional guest requests wherever they may be.

We welcome all of them to MyRent, and look forward to what seems to be an extremely successful and long-lasting collaboration.


For all interested owners from the area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, MyRent is proud to recommend Dominium Travel as a high quality and friendly partner in the business, since the team is made up of excellent professionals, which is the main reason why we believe that working with Dominium is one of the best business steps for MyRent right now, which is no wonder with such a CEO at a forehead like Slavica Grkes!

For any contacts and additional questions, please refer ovdije.

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