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How do I link a channel manager to your Expedia.com account?

Expedia.com is a growing online portal for providing online accommodation. A number of apartments and hotels use this site to register their properties online. The audience is large and orders real estate that suits them better.

Through myRent you can easily manage your data on Expedi, such as: rates, reservations, min-stay.
MyRent channel manager has an official two-way relationship with Expedi and has been successfully partnering with Expeda for many years.


Step 2: Click on  Room and Rates option.

Expedia -priv-step

Step 3: Scroll to Other section and click Expedia connectivity Settings


Step 4: Under connectivity settings, do exactly as described in the picture.



Wait for the link and once established, you can log in to your channel manager to map your rooms from expedia.com. Once your rooms are active on expedia.com, the channel manager will automatically update all reservations and information. If you receive any reservations on your phone, you must manually change the availability in the channel manager by logging into it.

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