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What are the prerequisites?

MyRent family member can be anyone. MyRent is mostly decided by travel agencies, hotels, hostels, private renters and campsites. But if you decide to start your own tourism business, myRent is also the solution for you!


How much does it cost?

We believe this issue is important to everyone, including you. We know that people are always skeptical when someone tells them a product is free, but myRent is in part. Initially, you pay nothing but pay a certain percentage of each booking or sale. It's hard to find a job that you don't have to invest large amounts of money in, and that's why myRent is here for you!


What is a franchise?

Franchising is a model of business in which a company (franchisor) gives an entrepreneur in a certain territory the right to use his trade name (brand) and in the practice of a proven business system. In return, the franchisee agrees to pay the franchise fee (a fixed amount payable upon signing the contract) and royalties (a percentage of the total turnover generated at the franchisee's site, which is usually paid monthly).

There are several types of franchises, which is probably why there is confusion about which company operates on a franchise principle and which does not. The roughest rule is that if one name (e.g. Benetton) is reported in front of a retail store and employees are employees of another company - it is most likely a franchise.

Something more about the franchise

That the franchise business model is crisis-resilient and that it is increasing its share of the total economy every year - can be confirmed by the example from France. Ten years ago, the National Bank (Banque Populaire) and the French Franchise Federation (Fédération française de la franchise) launched a project to monitor the franchise market in this country. In order to create a detailed picture of trends, developments and changes in the franchise sector, reports were published annually.

This year's 10th edition also shows data showing that the franchise business in France has grown steadily over the last ten years. Turnover in the franchise sector grew by 21 percent to EUR 50.7 billion today.

In addition, the strong growth rate is also reflected in the increase in the number of new franchise systems and the number of entrepreneurs becoming franchisees. Although the last decade has also been marked by the economic crisis and prolonged recession, in France the number of franchisees (franchisees) has almost doubled (98%), and the number of franchise units is up 77 percent - from 36,773 at the end of 2003 to more than 65,000 at the end of this year.

The survey also shows that the vast majority of franchisees (93%) are very optimistic about development in the near future. The report shows that four out of ten entrepreneurs plan to open at least 10 business units in the next 12 months, while three out of ten have ambitions to expand beyond the French market in the next two years.

Some of the French franchise brands, however, are already in the markets of this region. Retail chain Casino has recently opened a supermarket in the Serbian capital, while Carrefour has announced that it will open its first stores in 2015. The franchise also features fashion brand for children Sergent Major, natural cosmetics by Yves Rocher, rent-a-car agency Europcar, textile care company 5asec, and home and garden furnishing company Mr.Bricolage.

The brands Europcar, Carrefour, Yves Rocher and 5ásec also ranked among the 100 most successful franchise systems in the world this year, according to the prestigious list.

Distribution franchise

A franchise where a customer acquires the right to distribute a product under a known brand in a particular area. These franchisees are most often asked to supplement the distribution with some pre- or post-sales activities (eg Ford service).


Acquisition of new facilities in its area

Finding new partners to offer activities and trips

Initial training for renters and business partners


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