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HomeAway, the world leader in the vacation rental industry, is the place to book beach houses, cabins and apartments with more than two million places to stay in 190 countries. The website makes it easy to find and book the perfect vacation rental for any getaway, often at less than the cost of traditional hotel accommodation. HomeAway is part of the Expedia Group brand.

HomeAway, Inc. was founded by Brian Sharples and Carl Shepherd in February 2005.
In December 2015, ExEpeed acquired HomeAway for $ 3.9 billion.
In September 2016, John Kim became President of HomeAway.
Today, you can book over two million unique places at HomeAway. Among them are more than a million that can be added immediately without waiting for confirmation.
The rentals listed on the HomeAway site provide enough beds to accommodate the entire population of New York.
HomeAway manages more than 50 websites in 23 languages with rentals in 190 countries.
During the quarter of 2017, HomeAway increased its gross bookings online to $ 2 billion, up 44% from the same period last year. HomeAway also brought in $ 305 million in revenue, an increase of 45% over the same period last year.
The average traveler is a woman between the ages of 35 and 50 who travels with her family, usually a group of four or more people. Holidays and special occasions are the most common reasons for traveling, with an average stay of seven days.
After the first vacation rental accommodation, 82% passengers plan to do so in the future.
If they rent a holiday home, many travelers can get half as much space for half the price of a hotel.


  • More than one million homes worldwide
  • Available in 190 countries
  • A secure payment method for many properties
  • Instant booking options
  • Detailed profiles, including great descriptions, lots of photos, availability calendars, clickable maps, and plenty of guest reviews
  • Legal documents such as a rental guarantee, damage insurance and cancellation insurance are all available
  • Mobile-friendly - Website optimized for mobile and tablets
  • Everyday customer support.


How to connect HomeAway and MyRent?

Connecting is extremely easy. Everything happens automatically. MyRent will make your HomeAway appliances with all pictures, descriptions, apartment details, exact prices, reservations. So everything happens in myRent which gives you a better overview and easier use. MyRent has an official and fully certified connection


MyRent connects to HomeAway

  • Images
  • descriptions
  • Apartment details
  • remarks
  • Prices
  • busyness
  • Calendar
  • Reservations


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