MyRent Recognition in Media

Dear all, thanks to your trust, several important business media in Croatia have recognized MyRent's success as a company. Chief among them, and quite possibly the most important one, is “Business Diary,” who has reported a sudden increase in our business, which includes, among other things, more than three thousand new rental units managed through MyRent. The number may sound unbelievable, but what's even less believable is the fact that we have concluded last year's business with a complete total of four thousand units, which means that since the start of the year, MyRent's family has almost doubled its numbers in comparison to its total numbers since the company's inception!

business-log-myrent have also written about MyRent as part of their research into the quality and availability of Croatian Channel Management services, showing that MyRent has shown a significant advantage in comparing competition in the domestic market. This conclusion is quite obvious once the above mentioned company growth is factored in. Another way of looking at it is that this significant advantage may be the very reason for the above-mentioned company growth.

Whatever the reason, were it not for all of you, dear and loyal members of our MyRent family, we wouldn't be anywhere. That's why the MyRent team would like to take this chance and thank you very much for your continued trust!

Let's show everyone what we can do even better, and kick this summer season out of the ball park!


You can find the aforementioned articles at the following links, but the articles are in English:

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