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100% link quality with

MyRent link to is 100% accurate and high quality! strictly and regularly checks its partners and the stability and accuracy of their relationship. In the last assessment, updated the link to…


MyRent news

MyRent Occupancy Calendar MyRent has introduced a new calendar for facility owners and agencies. A quick overview that will allow you to easily and simply monitor the occupancy of facilities and respond in a timely manner to "holes"


Why use Holiday and what are the benefits?



Introducing the new certified Holiday connection!



MyRent Websites



MyRent News 2020



Landlord's Financial Liabilities 2020



Dantes Landlord Consulting Survey 2020.



Email timers and templates



New control panels



Season 2021



MyRent Webinar: Email Templates and Timers



Reservations are here!



MyRent and Berlin 2019



No booking fees



AirBnB certified connection



HomeAway Certified Connection



Inova - Be a role model for 2018



MyRent - “Istria Days” 2018



Horeca Adria 2018



Let's Buy Croatia 2018



AirBnB - New Cancellation Policy 2018



Casamundo Certified Connection



February and March 2019



Promohotel 2019



MyRent and Berlin



Labor Day 2019.



We have launched a new website for Dominium



Expand your business with MyRent Channel & Property Manager



Dominium Accomodation & Tours is our new partner!



Best Channel Manager in 2020



Free channel manager until first booking



HomeToGo Channel Manager



myRent & Rovinj Advisor | Promo Hotel 2020



HomeAway Channel Manager



Automatic prices



Family Accommodation Day (DOBS 2019)



DOBS 2019 Family Accommodation Days REPORT

REPORT Family Accommodation Days DOBS 2019 Thank you to everyone who came to Family Accommodation Day in Dubrovnik to listen to our lectures. Those who joined us on…


Horeca Adria 2019



MyRent's new outfit



Get more bookings in 3 easy steps!



Why rent legally through Airbnb?



MyRent Recognition in Media



MyRent Takes Part @ 4th Regional Family Lodging Forum



MyRent at the 4th Regional Family Accommodation Forum



MyRent praised in the media



MyRent increases the owners of apartments by at least a third





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