DOBS 2019 Family Accommodation Days REPORT

DOBS 2019 Family Accommodation Days REPORT


Thank you to everyone who came to Family Accommodation Day in Dubrovnik and listened to our lectures.


Those who joined us at the full-day workshops could learn more about topics such as:

  • What is and on what principle myRent works
  • Advanced Booking Secrets
  • The benefits of
  • What is self-check in, what is it for, and how smart locks can help you with that endeavor
  • How to run a business Facebook page for your agency or accommodation unit
  • And how to advertise them on Google


To remind you of what you have learned (or to learn something new), we have prepared all the presentations from our classes for you.


  1. Neven Palcec, myRent: How To Make Money With A Website
  2. Darijo Saric, VipHolidayBooker: The secrets of advertising luxury accommodation
  3. Neven Palcec, myRent: Channel manager - one calendar for everyone
  4. Neven Palcec, myRent:'s advanced secrets
  5. Robert Stepancic, PBZ: Banking view of tourism
  6. Mario Kovacevic, myRent: Smart locks
  7. Olivia Slade-Silovic, Lucija Vita Hanzic, ELVT Digital Hub: Facebook and Tourism: The Application of Facebook in Tourism
  8. Filip Shinko Morandini, ELVT Digital Hub: Google Advertising Opportunities: How to reach your target audience on Google products?


Thank you again for participating in our workshops and we invite you to join us in the same place next year!


Check out our photo gallery below and how we were at DOBS 2019 Family Accommodation Day.


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