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Expand your business with MyRent Channel & Property Manager

Expand your business


We introduce our top 5 tips & tricks on how to increase your bookings and generate more profit! It's too late to stop reading now, you're too curious. You will finish what you were doing later.

Channel Manager

myrent channel manager

We know it's hard to manage all those different platforms at the same time and that's one of the bigger problems for most travel agencies. That's why you NEED to use channel manager.

It doesn't matter if you're cooking, driving to work or shopping, the channel manager will synchronize all those OTA's like Booking.com, Airbnb etc. without you even knowing!

Simple Price Change

This makes us proud (unlike our nephew Ronald). The pain of updating your object prices on all those platforms… we know. Why not grab a fresh coffee or hang out with your friends and family?

We created simple pricing and now you're able to change prices for all your items with just 1 click! Forget about opening 10 different tabs once you start using this option! Waybe you'll have time to grab that coffee?

Email timers and how they work?

Your next notification will be sent in:

Type or beer? We choose beer! With our technology we bring email timers to a completely different level! You will never have to send an email again! All you need to do is set a "trigger" that will then command our software to send an e-mail.

Choose when, how and to whom the mail is going and shwosh, you have already answered all the inquiries your guests are sending!

Website, why do I need one?

The main goal you want to achieve with your website is…. you guessed it right! Making more money! Ultimately, you want all guests from Booking, Airbnb and other OTAs to book accommodations directly through your website. And why is that? Because you will avoid their commission fee and save at least 13% more. This is why we also specialize in website design for renters, agencies, hotels and camps. We create the most beautiful websites with online payment option for your guests.

It's so simple, they visit your website, choose their accommodation and dates (check in / check out), click on the "Book Now" button and once they make a payment, the money is automatically transferred to your bank account. Does it get better than this? Yes, without requiring some custom design from us, websites we make for private property owners are cheap! And how cheap? Well, you will need to contact us so we could make an offer for you. Don't worry, it only takes a few minutes!

OTA's - we can't live with them, but we can't live without them

myrent channel manager booking
myrent channel manager expedia
myrent channel manager tailors

There are some OTA's worth mentioning here (we promise, they didn't pay to promote them in this email… unfortunately). When it comes to commission fees, we'd say "same thing - different packaging". Percentages they take are almost the same, only the question remains, who will pay more? Guest, agency, or our nephew Ronald we mentioned before… someone is always deeper down the rabbit hole, but we simply have to list our properties on their platforms to increase the number of bookings.

Booking.com, Airbnb, Homeaway and Expedia are OTAs that generated the most bookings according to our statistics. So, although you could list your properties somewhere else, there is really no need to do it, we will be those 4 will be busy calendar for the whole year. And our software is here to manage all those calendars, guests and bookings for you.

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Web page

We have launched a new website for Dominium

We got Dominium! No, no, no, not that way. God, you don't think of us like that!

We have "added" a new web portal for them. We are extremely proud of what we have been able to do for them, given that we have specially integrated the search engine into the portal, through which guests are able to automatically search everything that Dominium currently has to offer, and the site is fully integrated with MyRent, which means that every change on the portal or other booking portals automatically and simultaneously shows on all pages and portals all over the Internet! The site also has an integrated EasyBooker platform, which ensures that potential customers and guests, who may not be so accustomed to the umbrella of the internet, will not be lost in all possible options, but provides them with an easy-to-use interface and experience so that they can devote themselves to packing for their as soon as possible selected travel!


We would also like to point out a little praise to you and your colleagues, and to make you laugh a little, with a short story from the beginning of this weekend, on Friday, 31.5. Namely, within an hour of launching their portal online, Dominium received a few direct bookings before they were aware that the portal was already fully operational, so, somewhat comically, they called our customer service and in a concerned tone na reported that they had a problem and the problem was that they received reservations. When asked what the problem was, they said again that the problem was that they had received reservations but did not know how.

This example also highlights the need for such projects and ventures with all other agencies of this type.



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Cro Wonder
My Luxoria
my-screen Luxoria
Odette Apartments
Orgon Luxury Croatian Villas
Villa Valis
VIP Holiday Booker



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General news

Dominium Accomodation & Tours is our new partner!

All our loved ones, hear and hear!

We have recently added a travel agency to our partner clients Dominium Travel, which operates exclusively in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

For those less versed, Dominium Travel is a renowned travel agency under the Buddha leadership of the more famous Slavica Grkes, winner of the 2017 Manager's Award of the Year and one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in Croatia today.


The implementation of the whole package took a little over a month, at which time we were able to integrate our existing system into their existing system. Channel Manager and Property Management System, as well as a special upgrade for the proprietary portal. Owners now have access to real-time bookings, even through their smartphones, and can close appointments themselves. Not only does this guarantee data accuracy and save time, it also facilitates communication between owners and guests or the owner and the Dominium.

Owners now have much more information about their guests, and are able to communicate with them through the MyRent platform, and see any additional guest requests wherever they may be.

We welcome all of them to MyRent, and look forward to what seems to be an extremely successful and long-lasting collaboration.


For all interested owners from the area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, MyRent is proud to recommend Dominium Travel as a high quality and friendly partner in the business, since the team is made up of excellent professionals, which is the main reason why we believe that working with Dominium is one of the best business steps for MyRent right now, which is no wonder with such a CEO at a forehead like Slavica Grkes!

For any contacts and additional questions, please refer ovdije.

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AirBnB certified connection

Connect your apartments with AirBnB!

Quickly and easily connect all your apartments with AirBnB and other booking portals. MyRent will help you with your certified connections.

We exchange with AirBnB busy calendar (Availability), prices (prices) and minimum stay (minimum stay), and we are currently receiving your bookings from AirBnB, which we further synchronize with other portals.

Our connection is completely free for the first 45 days, with no obligations whatsoever. Join your guests and enjoy the summer!

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