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Horeca Adria 2019

Horeca Adria


Leading Croatian and European suppliers for the tourism and hospitality sector will gather for the fifth time in Opatija from October 24 to 26, 2019 at the HoReCa Adria fair.

We invite you to visit us and join us at one of the largest exhibition events in the region!

Visit MyRent Channel & Property manager educational lectures to find out about current and future trends in the world of tourism and accommodation rental, as well as the latest services and improvements to our system!

Meet the people behind the system!


During the three days of the fair, visitors can find here everything they need to equip and invest, and apart from the exhibit itself, the fair has a rich accompanying program with a number of excellent lectures. HoReCa Adria is held in Opatija Marino Cvetković Sports Hall, and every year more than 3,000 visitors, professionals in tourism, visit.

Intended for hoteliers, owners of apartments, villas and guesthouses, caterers, restaurateurs, investors, architects and designers, the fair is the place where the new season begins, the sectors connect and create new values.

Meeting Requests

Your meeting with the MyRent team!

Sign up for a trade show appointment by clicking on one of the following dates. Registration is also possible outside of the fair, here!

Tickets and fair ticket


Horeca Adria is a trade fair and all visitors must first register. Clicking on the button will pick up your ticket quickly and painlessly!

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Web page

We have launched a new website for Dominium

We got Dominium! No, no, no, not that way. God, you don't think of us like that!

We have "added" a new web portal for them. We are extremely proud of what we have been able to do for them, given that we have specially integrated the search engine into the portal, through which guests are able to automatically search everything that Dominium currently has to offer, and the site is fully integrated with MyRent, which means that every change on the portal or other booking portals automatically and simultaneously shows on all pages and portals all over the Internet! The site also has an integrated EasyBooker platform, which ensures that potential customers and guests, who may not be so accustomed to the umbrella of the internet, will not be lost in all possible options, but provides them with an easy-to-use interface and experience so that they can devote themselves to packing for their as soon as possible selected travel!


We would also like to point out a little praise to you and your colleagues, and to make you laugh a little, with a short story from the beginning of this weekend, on Friday, 31.5. Namely, within an hour of launching their portal online, Dominium received a few direct bookings before they were aware that the portal was already fully operational, so, somewhat comically, they called our customer service and in a concerned tone na reported that they had a problem and the problem was that they received reservations. When asked what the problem was, they said again that the problem was that they had received reservations but did not know how.

This example also highlights the need for such projects and ventures with all other agencies of this type.



22 Estates
Cro Wonder
My Luxoria
my-screen Luxoria
Odette Apartments
Orgon Luxury Croatian Villas
Villa Valis
VIP Holiday Booker



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Channel Manager, New versions

MyRent's new outfit

If you haven't noticed by now, we've redefined our MyRent interface! This will make our and your dear MyRentic look beautiful, relax you every time, and all the essential information will always be on the screen. Best of all, with the use of the Walpaper Engine, it is possible to set the entire MyRenta portal as a wallpaper on your screen, while retaining all of the portal's functionality!

As you can see for yourself, there are encouraging sayings by celebrities in the lower left corner. These statements, as well as the background image, change on a daily basis to provide you with better service and a better atmosphere while using MyRent.


To keep us confused, this is just the MyRent home screen. Everything else is as it was, so there is no need for any further education.

The goal of this new one dashboard is to make available to our users the essential information that is of utmost importance to them, and to make the entry into the basic parts of the system as easy as possible.

Also, tom dashboard on the left is the display and access to all the functions that are crucial for the reception, while the right is for the classic accessories needed by every serious business person. All features are updated in real time, so you can be sure that no reservation will be delayed (unless an error occurs by other channels to which you are connected).

Left side


Current balance and number of reservations

Clicking on the number opens a small pop-up window that allows you to search and view all upcoming bookings or bookings that are currently active and to change settings and data.

Number of managed objects

Clicking on the number opens a small pop-up window that allows you to search and view all the objects you manage, and you can change the data and settings as desired.

Number of owners you work with

Clicking on the number opens a small pop-up window that allows you to search and view all the owners of the objects you manage, and by clicking on any separate owner, you can open an overview of all details related to that owner.


Clicking on the icon opens a new tab with a full overview of the calendar and all its standard features.

Your facilities

Clicking on the icon will open a new tab detailing all the objects, where you can make changes and perform all functions as usual.

Guest list

Clicking on the icon opens a new tab that takes you to the guest list, both past and present, with all the details and information that guests have shared with you.

List of rentals

Clicking on the icon will open a new tab listing all the rentals that have been charged or pending payment, as well as information on which property and guest is being made.

Add a reservation

Clicking on this icon opens a small pop-up window where you can enter new reservations manually into the system.


Number of estimated arrivals for the current day. Clicking on the number will open a new tab detailing all the arrivals, including the facility, length of stay, arrival time, and more.


Number of departures expected for the current day. Clicking on the number will open a new tab with a detailed list of all departures, including the facility, duration of stay, departure time, cost of stay, and more.

New bookings

Number of newly arrived bookings. Clicking on the number opens a new tab detailing all the new bookings since the last list was reviewed.

Booking canceled

Number of newly booked bookings. Clicking on the number opens a new tab showing all the canceled bookings since the last list check.

Right side

On the right are the classic elements needed by every receptionist and serious business person:

  • User name
  • Time
  • Date
  • Day

Over time, we will implement even more user and admin functions, as well as personalization dashboard, to enable you to use MyRent as efficiently as you need or like.


All in all, we hope you like this new look of the already famous portal. Everything is the same as before, and again, everything is new.

As is usually the case, with the exception of the purpose of life and other cosmic questions, for all inquiries for solutions to whatever is of concern to you, feel free to contact us at:


NOTE: If we find answers to cosmic questions, such as the purpose of life, why cats have nine lives, or how is it that the HDZ continues to win votes in elections, and we'll let you know.

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General news

Get more bookings in 3 easy steps!

Airbnb recently released an article describing how customers can make their ads more interesting and compelling to potential customers. But the tips they provided in this article are not only applicable to Airbnb. In fact, on whatever listing and booking page you are advertising, these tips will make your ad more special to anyone who looks at it, and therefore increase the chance for a guest to choose your accommodation. And as much as these proposals are self-explanatory and perhaps even simplistic, they are indeed worth gold.


The instant your ad opens on the screen of a potential guest, you will clearly see how much effort is put into the visual presentation of the space itself. So, there is a clear difference between those who cleaned their space and hired a professional photographer, and those who decided to rent a place and at the same time photographed the mess with their cell phones and just "threw" it into online advertising.

Customers want it instantly when they watch ads experience place - show them life through your household!



A description that is clear and true will not only result in first guests very quickly, but will also, in the form of good site ratings, also result in permanent guests and / or referrals to other guests. You know full well what your space is and what it doesn't. Instead of devoting yourself to creating a fairy tale, you should clearly emphasize all the good and strong sides of your space so that guests know what they are getting.

Like all people, your guests at real life prices reality, not fiction - give it to them!


Users of various booking portals, especially young people, are not users who want hotel treatment. They are not only interested in where they will be located, but also who will host them. Show yourself and your hospitality in the best light, and everyone who walks past your ad will not forget you so soon, and after you finally prove it to the guests who visit you, you will not only remain in your memory, but will also be reiterated. visitors just move in, with them new guests.

Most tourists today are looking for accommodation in household - be host from dreams!


If your potential customers get the impression through your ads that they already know you, there will be no need for anything else, and you will be greeted as old acquaintances when they step over the threshold.

As you can see, our old saying is right: "It's not all in the hats!"


Source: Tips to Stand Out (Airbnb)

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General news

Why rent legally through Airbnb?

Since AirB & B, one of the most popular short-term rental channels today, arrived in Croatia several years ago, there has been a stir. In just a few months, the number of legally registered renters in Zagreb has jumped from less than 200 to over 1200, while today, according to a report by the Central Bureau of Statistics, we have over 65,000 short-term rentals, which today offers real competition to hotel accommodation. This is also the reason why many would like to get into this business. However, with all the possible articles you will find dealing with tips on how to succeed, many of them do not mention the most important thing - a legal obligation.

With the advent of AirB & B service, a new way has come to enter the "gray zone" of rent, which is of course illegal. Renters who rent this way can afford significantly lower prices than their competitors, since they do not have to give almost anything to the state for expenditures. So when it's so easy to come up with pure money, then why are we telling you it's bad? We have decided to single out 3 rather compelling reasons.



First of all, the fact that illegally should have been sufficient reason to avoid it. And as we all want your guests to come back repeatedly, a clean bill seems like the best way to make a long lasting love with your guests. Not to mention that you cannot start any retirement savings or withdraw money from funds intended for renters, and the fact that no one in their right mind will come to you without applying if you are looking for a worker.

However, it is a wonderful thing to be able to calm your conscience by letting guests in and not worrying about anything else, except that you may have a cocktail bar farther from the beach than you thought.


As is usually the case, anything that is illegal is punishable by law. For the sake of information, not to go uninformed to us, the penalties in this sector of work are simply colossal, in the following ways:

50,000 kn is the LOWEST amount of a fine if you are caught offering accommodation for rent to tourists and you are not registered as a craft / business;

7,000 kn will be paid "per head" by an unregistered guest, while your guests will also be forced to pay a fine of € 400.




The internet is already full of articles, both foreign and domestic, that carry the same powerful message: avoid cheap!

By no fault of its own, AirB & B has made illegal renting accommodation all over the world much easier. But experienced users have learned to avoid the cheapest accommodation, and often when they go to a new country or city, do a good job of exploring how prices are moving. For their own safety, they would rather pay immediately € 100 per night more and sleep peacefully than risk the penalty. Through legal business, you make it easier and more secure for yourself and others. Yet we all live off tourism!

Ultimately, most of the older guests are used to checking in at tourist offices themselves, so by the time they arrive at your accommodation you are already practically annoyed, so why not just avoid it all?

Believe it or not, MyRent operates completely legally, (we know, we know, and we're surprised!), And our support team is always available. We will help you the best we can, or direct you to the best people for those things we cannot directly help you with.

And how to make your AirB & B listings more compelling, read here:

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