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Willow is booking portal which offers more than 2 million accommodation for rent in over 190 countries. It is visited by 15.9 million different visitors a month, while the site is viewed as many as 257 million times a month.


Read below 5 Vrbo trends for 2022.

Children decide

5 Willow trends in 2022

The parents relented as well involve your children in the vacation planning process.

Compared to pre-pandemic periods:

• 50% families said they are more likely to allow their children to decide where to go on holiday
• 1 in 3 parents will allow their children to invite a friend
• 43% parents are more likely to allow their children to skip school for the holidays

While parents plan to please their children and treat them to new trips, they also prefer quality time - 61% families said they are more likely to demand that their children be disconnected from the internet and their devices on holiday.

In this way, families can indulge in changing the landscape and enjoy precious time together.

Pet-friendly vacation

5 Willow trends in 2022

Many families adopted pets during the pandemic because they spent more time at home and were able to spend more time with their new furry friends.

It is noted increase the demand for pet-receiving accommodation units by 40% compared to the previous year according to statistics recorded by Vrbo.

In addition, more than 70% respondents are pet owners, and 68% of these pet owners have traveled, plans to travel or they love to travel with their pets.

When asked why they want to bring their pets on vacation, they said:

  •  they don’t like to leave them and want the whole family (including furry members) together

Early wounded

5 Willow trends in 2022

An old saying goes, whoever grabs two fortunes early.
In 2021, booking activity occurred - on average - 2-3 months earlier than usual for several major travel seasons.

The survey showed that 60% respondents answered yes they plan to book their vacation earlier than they did in the days before the pandemic. Of these, 43% said they would book their vacations 3-5 months in advance.

Work hard and travel even more

5 Willow trends in 2022

During the pandemic, distance work and virtual schooling allowed families to travel more and combine work with vacation.
We expect families to continue to combine with each other - 44% families said they are more likely to work remotely from a place other than their home, and it has been noted increase in demand of 68% for a stay of 21 - 30 days on the Willow.

Undated searches also increased by 33% compared to the previous year, indicating that people cared less about traveling during
school holidays and vacations, are open to escape on a trip whenever they wish.

Mountain houses

5 Willow trends in 2022

On the Willow mountain houses are experiencing an increase in demand by almost 85% from year to year.

The most popular are those located on the shores of the lake or located in the woods.

It is not difficult to understand why these charming and idyllic properties are desirable accommodation for a peaceful vacation with family or friends.

General news

Lecture on "Channel manager functions" held


Guest lecture at the Faculty of Economics and Tourism

On Monday, March 21, as part of the course "Digital Tourism" in the first year of the graduate level of the study "Tourism and Development", Faculty of Economics and Tourism “Dr. Mijo Mirkovic ” A guest lecture by Neven Palčec, Director of MyRent on the topic of “Channel Manager Functions” was held in Pula.


The focus of the lecture was MyRent channel manager and property management and the potential offered by technology for the development of accommodation units.

On that occasion, Neven presented the functionalities of the system, gave an overview of the competition and the target market.

An additional complementary product was presented at the lecture: smart locks and the role and benefits they have for accommodation in tourism.


MyRent as a professor

We are always happy to share our knowledge with students, associations, tourist boards and everyone else who is willing to listen to us. Feel free to contact us to learn together:

    General news

    Airbnb commission


    The business model of online booking portals is based on a commission, which means that you pay them a certain percentage for each booking that comes through the portal.

    In general, all hosts that advertise through Airbnb and are users of Channel manager in Croatia have only one available commission model called Simplified Pricing, ie fee only for the host.

    Airbnb the commission is 15%.

    Switching to a 15% fee is a good solution

    and does not affect the business of the host

    Historically, Airbnb has had a unique fee structure for all hosts, in which a service fee is charged to both host (3%) and guest (up to 14.2%).

    Based on feedback from many professional hosts, they launched a new host fee option that uses Channel manager to remove the guest service fee and give hosts more control over pricing. This fee structure is known as Simplified Pricing.

    What does that mean?

    Airbnb will deduct a fixed host service fee (15%) from each payment and will not charge an additional guest fee.

    This will not affect existing bookings, but will apply to all bookings made after the transition to simplified host fees.


    A simplified service fee structure will allow the host a simpler pricing strategy as they will be able to determine what guests will pay.

    Airbnb will also highlight the fact that no service fee is added to your prices, making ads more appealing to many guests. Hosts who decided to change and keep their prices competitive on all portals recorded an overall increase in their bookings (17% *).


    * On average, an increase in provisions was recorded for hosts using the simplified fee, in Europe between November 2019 and February 2020. Actual results may vary for each host.

    How to avoid a reduction in earnings and wisely use simplified fees for hosts?

    Adjust prices (if necessary). Since a higher service fee will be deducted from host payments, you may want to adjust your prices through your Channel manager to cover the difference and ensure that earnings per booking remain the same.

    Before adjusting prices, keep in mind that it is important to stay competitive in the market.

    Example of commission

    In an interview with Airbnb, they confirmed to us that users who use the shared fee module do not gain an advantage.

    As an example, we have prepared two ads.

    The first ad has a simplified fee (the fee is paid only by the host), the second ad has a split fee (the fee is paid by both the host and the guest). The ads have similar total prices, but the first daily price shown is neutral relative to the commission model.

    Interested in how Channel Manager makes it easier to advertise through the booking portal?

    Try Channel manager for free

      Users about us:

      General news

      Digitization by EU Funds


      Dear users,
      we would like to draw your attention to the upcoming tenders for grants from EU funds. Digitization vouchers are grants that SMEs (hereinafter referred to as SMEs) can receive to digitize their business.

      They are issued as part of reforms and investments for the Economic sector, for the component of resilient, green and digital economy, as stated in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026. (NPOO) compiled and submitted by Croatia in July 2021.

      The competition for grants "Digitization Vouchers" has been announced for the first half of 2022. The tender will finance investments in the development of digital transformation strategies, digital marketing, complex digital products and services, digital skills and cyber resilience.

      The target population of this investment is SMEs that want to develop a digital business model, all with an emphasis on innovative projects.

      Vouchers are divided into 5 types ie they can be obtained for 5 categories of services, depending on the needs of the company:

      1. Voucher to improve digital skills
      2. Voucher for digital transformation
      3. Digital Marketing Voucher,  involves creating a web shop
      4. Cyber Resistance Voucher
      5. Voucher for the development or application of complex digital products and services

      One company can take advantage maximum 2 types of vouchers per call, and three calls are expected in the next 5 years.

      The NPOO defines for each type of voucher the maximum amount and the maximum number of vouchers that will be awarded in each call.

      MyRent has experience in the field of EU funds and is behind us a number of successful projects

      Digitization with grants from EU Funds


      • Improve functions and design Web pages!
      • Do you have new ideas in mind? Make complete new WEB page!
      • Direct reservations through your WEB page!
      • Still haven't digitized your business? Make your life easier and introduce Channel Manager!
      • Expand your online business, introduce booking excursions and transfers!
      • It takes time to welcome guests, you are not always able to be at the location of your accommodation unit? Introduce smart locks to your facilities!
      • You don't know how to stand out from the crowd? Join clusters and become competitive in the market!
      • How much does myRent charge for writing and running a project?
      1. Most of our costs are covered by MyRent directly from the competition itself, because in each competition there is a part of the eligible costs for writing and running the project.
      2. For the preparation of the tender, MyRent initially charges HRK 3,000, in order to cover the basic costs, the hourly rate of EU consultants working with MyRent.
      • How will MyRent help you with project preparation and implementation?
      1. We have many years of experience in preparing projects co-financed by EU funds,
      2. We help develop a project idea, which increases the chance of getting a voucher,
      3. We prepare the entire project documentation for the application,
      4. We monitor the client during the project evaluation process,
      5. We implement the project in accordance with the defined provisions,
      6. We mediate in connecting the client with potential digital service providers!
      • What is your task?
        1. Have a neat business
        2. Have no tax debt
        3. The company must not be blocked
      • When will the project start?

      At this stage, these are just announcements of EU projects and MyRent is receiving user interest in the projects.
      This is a great time to prepare, because in this period, until the tenders start, it will be possible to develop an idea and a basic project plan.

      In addition, such preparation is necessary in order to be ready to apply for a project together, because the speed of application greatly increases the likelihood of obtaining funds from EU funds.

      • How can I apply for EU funds?

      Very easily, all you need to do is fill out the contact form and MyRent will contact you and arrange a meeting with you, where we will check your business together and see which EU projects you could apply for.

      See other competitions on the page EU FUNDS.


      Digitization with grants from EU Funds

      TYPES OF VOUCHERS Maximum amount of vouchers for one project Number of projects per call Max. Number of projects in total Budget on call Budget total
      DIGITAL SKILL IMPROVEMENT VOUCHER 75,000 kn 63 190 4,830,000 kn HRK 14,500,000
      VOUCHER FOR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY 75,000 kn 37 110 3,000,000 kn 9,000,000 kn
      DIGITAL MARKETING VOUCHER 75,000 kn 66 200 5,000,000 kn 15,000,000 kn
      CYBERNETIC RESISTANCE VOUCHER 110,000 kn 66 200 7,333,000 kn 22,000,000 kn

      Digitization with grants from EU Funds


      Digitization with grants from EU Funds

      The purpose of the digitization voucher is strengthening the capacity of SMEs to implement digitalisation and start the process of digital transformation. Vouchers will be able to be used for the implementation of specialized training, digital marketing and other services. This program will be developed in close collaboration with businesses, centers of excellence and tertiary education providers to create a superior environment that will attract young talented individuals and experienced mentors and retain a future skilled workforce.

      Target group: SMEs in collaboration with research institutions and large companies
      Total amount: HRK 75,000,000.00
      Grants: from HRK 75,000 to HRK 150,000
      Eligible activities and costs:

      1. Vouchers for digital marketing - up to HRK 75,000

      Eligible costs:

      2. Vouchers for improving digital skills - up to HRK 76,000

      Eligible costs:

      • training of software design experts
      • artificial intelligence and security
      • educating data management professionals and developing new digital skills related to cloud computing

      3. Voucher for digital transformation strategy - up to HRK 75,000

      Eligible costs:

      4. Voucher for cyber security - up to HRK 110,000.00

      Eligible costs:

      • Preparation of safety and technical reports
      • Data throughput check
      • Penetration tests

      5. Vouchers for the development or application of complex digital products or services - up to HRK 150,000.00
      Eligible costs:

      • services of research and development entities which may include material costs incurred as part of development services, eg prototyping

      Expected release date: 2nd quarter 2022

      Give us the opportunity to show you our knowledge and help simplify and improve the business system!
      Take a look at our already done projects and decide to trust us yourself 🙂


      Digitization with grants from EU Funds


      The purpose of this investment is to support digital transformation Croatian companies by providing financial support for the introduction of digital solutions in business. This investment will enable an increase in the capacity for digital transformation of enterprises through procurement digital tools and equipment and strengthening human capacity to develop and implement new products, services and processes.

      The grant for business digitization provides funding for the implementation of digital solutions based on detailed research into the needs of digitization. Research can be funded through digital transformation strategy vouchers or from other sources.

      An acceptable business digitization project includes the following:

      Target group: Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (up to 249 employees)
      Total amount: 206,000,000.00 HRK
      Grants: up to HRK 700,000

      Eligible activities and costs:

      • procurement of equipment and software
      • employee education
      • salary cost for the period of work on the project
      • overheads, consulting services

      Expected release date: 2nd or 3rd quarter 2022

      Consultants for EU Funds - COOPERATION

      Digitization by EU Funds

      You are a consultant for EU Funds or do you know people who are experts in this business?
      Contact us and cooperate with myRent!

      We will help you with state-of-the-art technology in tourism, experience with previous projects, project plan and idea.

      We have our hands full so we welcome new members of our project team.
      We invite everyone who has the will and desire to learn to help us realize new projects, and at the same time improve their skills.

      Contact us in time to prepare well for the development of projects and be first on the list for funding.

      Contact us!

      Digitize your business!

      Do you have an idea and don't know how to realize it? No problem!
      The MYRENT TEAM team loves challenges, the realization of new and creative ideas!

      Have an idea and don't know how to get started?

      Contact us with confidence! We respond as soon as possible!

        MyRent & RevNGo
        General news

        MyRent & RevNGo webinar


        Meet RevNGo

        Booking portal RevNGo and MyRent Channel manager webinar

        In partnership with RevNGo, we held webinar on which it is RevNGo Key account manager for our market presented their business module, terms, benefits and advertising opportunities on RevNGo.


        The webinar is intended for everyone who has their own accommodation facilities for rent and travel agencies and want to learn more about RevNGo, how to advertise and their way of doing business.

        RevNGo & myRent webinar

        Webinar recording

        MyRent and RevNGo connection

        Thanks to the official API connection MyRent-as booking portal RevNGo, it is possible to synchronize the information on accommodation reservations.


        Over it MyRent according to RevNGo it is possible to synchronize reservations, calendar, prices.

        Try MyRent Channel manager

        Free trial

          MyRent news

          myrent mobile application
          General news

          MyRent mobile application


          After a season of testing and listening to user wishes, the MyRent team has developed a new mobile app.

          We know that today it is important to work on the go and respond quickly to customer inquiries.

          MyRent mobile application is designed to make it easier for renters to do business on a daily basis and save time when registering guests with e-Visitor.

          Features of the MyRent mobile application

          Untitled Design (38)
          • tracking reservations:
          1. Arrivals
          2. Departures
          3. new reservations
          • overview of available accommodation units
          • entering new reservations
          • list and details of each reservation
          • quick entry of guests in e-Visitor (scan)
          • communication with the guest
          • arrivals and departures per accommodation unit
          • insight into prices and minimum number of nights
          • the possibility of changing prices and the minimum number of nights
          • closing date
          • list of accommodation units
          • possibility of grouping accommodation units
          Untitled Design (39)

          MyRent mobile application & e-Visitor

          forget the TAN lists

          TAN lists and manual guest registration of the e-Visitor system are a thing of the past!

          You will no longer have to manually enter each guest into the e-Visitor, which greatly saves time and eliminates entry errors. With the MyRent mobile app, you can quickly and easily scan guest documents, and MyRent will take care of the rest!

          MyRent uses world technology, and the scanner can recognize documents from more than 150 countries worldwide.

          How to use the MyRent mobile app

          MyRent is a mobile application user friendly. This means it is easy to use and you can easily manage the application.

          To make it easier to use MyRent mobile applications, we have prepared a short video where you can learn how to install the application and how to use its key features.

          * MyRent mobile app is currently only available on Google play, for Android devices.

          Interested in more about the MyRent mobile app?

          Request access or find out more

            General news



            Today we had an interview with one of our business partners, the NIK agency from Šibenik. They rent rooms, apartments and villas in Dalmatia (Primosten, Sibenik, Vodice, Murter (). We were pleased to share different experiences of experience in tourism and technology and the change that has occurred over the years of business. We are also interested in hearing from the client how important our role is in their business. Positive feedback is exactly what motivates us and what motivates us to continue working and progress.

            NIK ALVIŽ- Manager of the travel agency NIK on business through the years

            Travel agency NIK & MyRent

            Since 2018, we have been partners with MyRent. Since then continuously improving our system to improve our business. We also aim to work as efficiently as possible in order for our clients' apartments to attract as many guests as possible.


            Travel agency NIK is a family business from Šibenik that has been engaged in tourism for almost thirty years. ( since 1992) The basis of the business of our travel agency is a modern dynamic and continuously improved tourist offer. Because professionalism in business, sincere enthusiasm within the family are what meet the requirements of modern tourists.

            Aware of the dynamism of the market, over the years we have introduced changes in the NIK travel agency to follow global trends and demands of tourists. But to stay competitive. For example, Internet sales a few years ago were unnecessary and communication took place either by phone or by e-mail.

            In 1997, four branches were opened in Rogoznica, Primošten, Vodice and Tisno, which greatly increased the volume of the agency's business. The way of doing business has changed significantly. Cooperation with foreign tour operators has greatly increased the number of foreign tourist arrivals. The opening of new branches and the expansion of business also required an increase in the number of workers.

            The same branches in Primošten, Vodice and Tisno are still operating today! Due to advances in technology, we do not need so many workers because a lot of activities can be simplified and programs can do it automatically. Therefore, we needed to find a way to network together all the portals where we rent rooms, apartments and villas in Dalmatia (Primosten, Sibenik, Vodice, Murter ().



            The basic mission of the agency is to provide top service with the highest standards for all clients and business partners. Private accommodation (rooms, apartments, villas), excursions  in Dalmatia (Primošten, Šibenik, Vodice, Murter…) are the largest part of NIK's offer. But there are also cruises, boat rentals, car rentals, plane tickets, currency exchange, travel in the country, Europe and the world, as well as various other tourist programs.

            In addition to the website and online sales, NIK also uses other traditional sales methods in its branches (Šibenik, Vodice, Primošten and Tisno). We present our offer through our own brochures and printed materials in the languages of emitting markets, as well as in the catalogs of our partner agencies in Croatia and Europe. It is important to emphasize that the NIK travel agency adapts to modern market requirements and presents its business via the Internet, thus overcoming the border barriers that existed thirty years ago, when we started our business.


            The vision of the travel agency Nik is to facilitate business and improve the offer as well as the quality of service. We want to maintain old and create new business partners. Use modern technology, knowledge and quality to have as many satisfied guests as possible!

            We believe that the future of business organization should be as simple as possible!

            That is why we allow our clients to use it free applications which offers:

            • review all reservations on one place
            • post your rooms, apartments and villas on our two websites 
            • post your rooms, apartments and villas on the world's leading booking portals (higher probability of overcrowding in the pre- and post-season!)
            • self-insertion of own reservations
            • guest registration by scanning the document without the need to use an e visitor
            • customer support in case of ambiguity
            • use the application on home computers, mobile phones, tablets…

            See NIK's offer of rooms, apartments and villas in Primosten, Sibenik, Vodice, Murter ...

            Contact us with confidence!

            We communicate with the guest, it's up to you to welcome him!


            MyRent proved to be an excellent information system and program on which we can very easily digitally transmit and control a diverse offer in one place.

            First of all, today with MyRent we spend much less time on daily activities to which we used to have to pay much more attention. The summer season of 2021, which was unpredictable for all of us due to the Covid pandemic, went smoothly for us.

            A diverse offer accommodation capacities as well as trips throughout Dalmatia  we published and updated daily through MyRent. As we all know, the number of tourists suddenly increased sharply in the 8th month. It was at this point that he benefited us immensely Channel Manager MyRenta system in which we could easily and in one place follow the new reservations coming from different reservation portals.

            CONTACT US




              General news

              Meet Agoda! Webinar 2021.


              Headquartered in Asia, Agoda is one of the world's largest and fastest growing booking portals.

              Founded in 2005, today it is part of Booking Holding (BKNG) and operates in over 200 countries worldwide. As of June 2021, Agoda lists 2.5 million properties, including private renters.

              A study conducted by Agoda suggests that when planning a trip, tourists from Asia most often use Agoda to find accommodation in Europe.
              This fact is of great importance and benefits for private renters because guests from Asia primarily full pre-season and post-season.

              In addition, tourists coming from China, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia like to explore tourist destinations, get to know the culture and gastronomic offer of the country in which they stay and do not spend time in accommodation facilities, which makes them ideal guests.

              MyRent and Agoda webinar 2021.

              November 23, 2021, at 11:00 p.m.

              In partnership with Agoda, we will maintain webinar, November 23, 2021, at 11:00 p.m., on which you will Agoda Key account manager for our market to present their business module, the benefits of advertising on Agoda and their connection to

              In addition, we have provided you with direct contact with Agoda's experts via a private link that you will receive on the webinar itself. Colleagues from Agoda will answer all your questions and if there are additional questions, they will directly arrange a subsequent meeting with you.

              If you are not sure if Agoda is the right portal for you, be sure to join us for a webinar where Agoda representatives will answer all your questions and concerns.

              Everyone is welcome to the webinar, and participation is free!

              MyRent and Agoda


              MyRent has a full connection with Agoda which means that from MyRent Channel manager you can make a complete ad on Agoda.

              From MyRent to Agoda you can send:

              • prices
              • automated messages
              • images
              • descriptions
              • content
              • distances
              • availability
              • reservations
              • sign a contract

              Agoda - Guest stats 2021

              Guest statistics from Agoda from which country guests come and how long they stay


              Did you know that Agoda is the fastest growing booking portal currently in the world? In addition, Agoda brings in top quality guests from the richest countries like America, Germany, France, England, Russia.

              Agoda's guests are one of the best guests because they stay longer (Germans, Americans, Swiss stay on average about 10 days opa ..) and spend very little time in their apartments.

              But most importantly, Agoda guests usually come in the pre and post season and full Your apartments, houses, villas and hotels just when other booking portals are giving up.

              All this makes Agoda, one of the unavoidable booking portals and a place where your apartments, villas and hotels simply have to be!

              On her own integration is simple and Agoda can be connected in just a few minutes.

              All you need to have with you are pictures, descriptions and a price list, which you set in myRent, and everything else is automated and easily managed through myRent Channel Manager

              Want to know more about Agoda & MyRent webinar?

              Learn how MyRent Channel manager works with Agoda

                myRent News
                General news

                MyRent News


                CONTACT US

                WE WANT TO HEAR YOU, CALL US

                  General news

                  6th Family Accommodation Forum 2021


                  Organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Family Tourism Association November 12 and 13, 2021 will be held at the Pazin Memorial Home 6th National "Family Accommodation Forum".

                  What is a Family Accommodation Forum?

                  National Family accommodation forum (FOS) is the only national gathering of providers of catering services in the household (renters) from all over Croatia, which discusses current topics and offers educational content and networking with providers of products and services for family accommodation.

                  FOS brings together the owners of catering services in rooms, apartments, holiday homes and camps, as well as in boarding houses and rural households, and is interesting for all micro and small entrepreneurs who follow current changes and trends in family accommodation.

                  It was first held in 2014 in Opatija.

                  FOS and MyRent

                  MyRent is a proud partner of the 6th Family Accommodation Forum.

                  On this occasion, MyRent will have its own exhibition space at this year’s gathering. We invite you to visit us, meet and make a toast to a successful upcoming season.

                  MyRent, with his Channel Manager-om, is an official partner with over 100 booking portals. So in addition to good company, at our stand you can look for free advice and recommendations on how and where to advertise your accommodation units.


                  MyRent rewards with 10 free websites!

                  Recently, MyRent offers a website design service tailored to renters and their needs. For participants of the 6th Family Accommodation Forum MyRent has provided ten free websites for a period of one year.

                  These are web template pages that are optimized for private renters - owners of apartments, villas, hotels, camps. The pages are made according to the latest technologies and SEO standards and are adapted for all types of devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone).

                  Why a MyRent website?

                  • direct reservations
                  • possibility of direct, online payment
                  • contact form for easier communication with potential guests
                  • blog posts, image gallery, reviews

                  • fast making
                  • the ability to easily manage a website using MyRent CMS system
                  • Addition: anyone who wants to connect their accommodation units with over 100 booking portals can do so, at an additional cost, using MyRent

                  How to get a free website?

                  Every day is an opportunity to win valuable prizes!

                  All you have to do is come to the 6th National "Family Accommodation Forum", find a MyRent booth and tell us a key term: MY WEBSITE

                  On Friday, November 12, from 2 pm, we will share 5 websites with the fastest renters. On Saturday, 13.11. you can find us in the same place where we will share 3 pages from 11am and two more from 2pm.

                  Use MyRent to attract guests and make direct reservations!


                  Examples of MyRent websites

                  Family accommodation forum 2021.

                  During the two-day conference (November 12 and 13, 2021) there will be presentations on results, trends and innovations in legislation, an expert panel, educational workshops on sales, marketing and quality improvement, as well as an exhibition space where participants will have the opportunity to network with exhibitors of products and services relevant to family accommodation.

                  Participation in FOS is free with mandatory online application.