How to Manage a Crown Virus Age Facility (COVID-19)

How to Manage a Crown Virus Age Facility (COVID-19)


Nowadays, when we have a virus risk, these solutions can help you avoid all unnecessary contact with your guests. This is certainly another plus for the MyRent smart locks as well as the MyRent self check-in system.


Do you live in Zagreb and have a house by the sea? Do you have an apartment in the center that you rent and you live outside the center? Have a house or apartment on one of our beautiful islands? Want to reduce guest contact for a variety of reasons? If yes, then you may be interested in these handy accommodation management tips.



  • Automatic check in / check out

Automatic check in / check out involves some kind of smart lock or safe that allows guests to enter the property themselves. MyRent offers several types of smart locks that make your business extremely easy. Using a solution like this, you do not have to be present at check in, which is great when guests arrive late or late so this solution is great for anyone who does not live at the very address of the rental property. Also, it is useful if you do not want to risk yourself if your guests come from countries that are affected by the virus.

Link to MyRent Smart Locks:

  • Smart home systems

Similar to smart locks, there are many solutions that allow owners not to be present at the property and to control things like climate, heating, light, etc. So your guests can be greeted by a warm and illuminated facility. There are even applications that allow you to measure the amount of noise in an object. If the amount of noise exceeds a certain limit, you are notified and then you can respond in time to have no problems with your neighbors.

Whether you want to control your guests or just give them a warm welcome, these tools are a great solution.


  • Marketing

Just like any other accommodation unit, it is necessary to be active in as many ways as possible to get the best possible sales. Website, SEO, advertising on various portals are some of the ways to get the best sales possible. MyRent Channel Manager can certainly help you with this.


  • Make contacts

Since you do not live at the address of the accommodation, it is essential to know people who can help you in various situations. By this we mean electricians, plumbers and other various "masters". There will certainly be a situation sooner or later when you will need their services. So it's good to be prepared in advance and respond as quickly as possible when something unexpected happens.


  • Welcome

Since you will not be present at the check-in itself, it is definitely advisable to take some steps to make your guests feel welcome. Some of the ideas are:

-Activities in the area of the facility. Leave brochures on hiking trails, beaches, bike trails and the like to your guests

-Recommendations for restaurants, cafes, museums, galleries, night clubs.

-Public transport information.

Link to MyRent email templates:


  • Communicate with your guests

Communicate with your guests before their arrival, during their stay and after their departure. Let your guests know that they can contact you at any time no matter what you do not live near. It is certainly a good idea for your guests to have some emergency contact and if they cannot get you in some case.

Link to MyRent email templates:

  • certainty

Since you do not live nearby, it is essential that you have a security system in place if you own valuable items in your facility. The most common solutions to this are security cameras, motion sensors, alarms, and the like. If the alarm goes off, you get a notification on your mobile.


Do not forget to mention to your guests if you are using one of these security models, because of course privacy is important when vacationing in an accommodation.


  • Extra charge

Inside MyRent, there is a module called the guest portal. With it, you can offer your guests an extra charge with the online payment gateway. More at the following link: